#1 Not checking for discounts. Every shopping site and app offers discounts, but only leading ones like Jabong have year-round discounts and deals on almost all products and categories. If you don’t have the Jabong shopping app, do correct this mistake and install it right away. Online shopping is a good idea because it offers many deals and discounts – and do look up products across comparable apps and sites only.

#2 Not checking the size correctly. Another mistake most people make when buying dresses online, is to not check the size guide correctly. Sizes may vary across brands, so a dress from a certain brand may fit differently from a dress by another brand. Even if you are reasonably sure that the dress you are browsing will fit you, you should still check out the size guide provided by the shopping app just to make sure. The size guide gives measurements in both inches and centimetres, so you can’t go wrong. Also, it lets you know if a certain size is out of stock, and the height and dress size of the featured model.

#3 Not looking up the exchange and refund policy. After selecting a suitable dress online, you proceed to add it your shopping bag. But wait – have you first checked out the app’s exchange and refund policy? This is important if you have never used that app before. Each online retailer has its own exchange and refunds policy – some will accept the merchandise within 15 days, others may give you a month. Then there are other conditions, like retaining the price tag, handing back the item in the same condition as it was delivered, keeping the packaging intact, time it takes to process a refund, etc. Do study the policy thoroughly so that there are no disputes later.

#4 Not examining the product minutely in the picture. Leading online shopping apps like Jabong offer all the product information you need to know. Besides this, there are at least five photographs of the online dress that you are about to buy, shot from different angles. The most useful feature is the ability to zoom into the photograph so that you can see the thread count and design in minute detail. Zooming into the picture also gives you an idea of the fabric quality. Do take care to examine the product properly before buying.

#5 Not using shopping apps. Are you still shopping over your laptop or desktop computer? While these are viable options, they limit you to your chair while you shop. Whereas if you use a shopping app on your phone, you can shop from anywhere – on the bus, when you’re standing in line at the bank, even overseas.

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