If you go to the airport by car, ask yourself about the possibilities of parking or garage as well as the conditions for longer leaving the vehicle while on the road. Be sure to start at home from home, keeping in mind that you can enter the traffic jams.

Avoid alternative and non-irregular routes and choose the safest and fastest way. If you were planning to go by taxi to the airport, call the taxi service much earlier and check if it is necessary to reserve a vehicle and how. For regular bus transfers, inquire about the timetable.


Parking lot

All airports have car parks. It is customary to divide the car park into one for shorter and longer for longer. Shorter retention is several hours while keeping it for longer or longer. At airports there are reserved seats for the so-called “one minute stop”. This is usually a specially marked tape along the terminal where stalling is allowed for boarding and unloading passengers. With the proper  you will be having the best deals now.


Problems with taxi drivers existing in Belgrade are no exception, but similar problems exist almost everywhere in the world at airports. Very rare are airports that do not have the problem of unfair taxi drivers. If there is an organized taxi service under the brand of an airport or a domestic airline then it is the best and safest choice for every passenger.

Hotel transfers

Travelers staying at hotels usually have hotel transfers that can be free or are charged additionally. On arrival, it is necessary to check whether these transfers are shuttle. they operate non-stop at a certain interval, or are ad-hoc, or traffic as needed. In this second case, it is necessary to reserve them on time. When booking via the hotel, it is necessary to keep in mind that the flight time is not the time of the transfer. If an officer asks you for a flight time, emphasize that you should be at the airport an hour and a half to two before that time.

Online reservation of airport transfers

  • Some of the most renowned airport transfer reservation systems
  • Airport Transfer Service
  • Shuttle Direct
  • Airport Transfers
  • A2B Transfers
  • In major world cities, there are many transfer services that can be booked online via various sites.

Travelers are offered the possibility of online booking and payment transfers. The procedure is very simple. The passenger chooses a relationship for which he needs a transfer, as well as the flight time and then the number of passengers and at the end of the transfer type.

There are usually three types of transfers that are offered:

The shuttle is in common with other passengers, in a certain order of driving. This type of transfer is the cheapest

Private transfer is the same as the shuttle only if the departure is not determined by the order of the journey but depends on the passengers. By this transfer, the passenger and his companions are transported by themselves, without other persons. This type of transfer is the most expensive.

Taxi transfer: Passengers through booking sites can even book a taxi. The price is at the official prices of the taxi.

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